What is lonely

What is lonely? I ask my self
Lonely is the night when I'm not with you
Untill you're in my arms
Untill you here by my side
Thought that I would need you
Thought that I would be missing you
I don't know to lie
I don't know how to fake it
I don't know to dream now
But I know that I let you loose
And I don't know how to leave you
I think I never gonna tell you
Everything I gotta tell you
Just I know I must give a try
I just wanna see your smile
I just wonder what you do
If I had another chance
If you close your eyes
I just wanna tell you, I'll be thinking about you
Just wanna you come back and bring back the smile I love
Just wanna you know, I need to hold you right now
I think life is cruel without you beside me
I understand
Walk away if you want to
It's OK if you need too
You give me love and I know love is when I love you
Thanks to give me chance
To know how good it feels to hold you
Do you ever dream of me?
I won't forget you're kissing
I won't forget the way you love me
I know I never satisfied no matter you tried